A long walk

I took a long walk
All by myself

The air was heavy
With evening smells
Earth-after-rain browns
Leaf dew greens
And a light flavouring
Of little green sprigs
Tipped with tiny white flowers

I sat down on a rock
And took my thoughts
Out of my head
I felt their texture in my hands
Gravelly as the rock
Squishy as the mud-between-toes
Faintly ticklish as a feather
Fuzzy as the underside of a leaf
Purposeful as a little bug

I played with them
Like a rubics cube
Until the crickets got too loud in my head
And I put them away

I walked back
Peering at the fingernail moon
In her pinky-purple sky
And everything seemed covered
With the transparent dust of memory

And I missed you.


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