Liquid Stillness

Shards of shattered vase reflect
The pieces of a life, once known
The warmth, the dark, the comfort, calm
And all the hues of life and love

Waves of laughter, shades of joy
In plastic cups, arranged just so
With colours poised to spread a smile
Across the face of all the earth

Promises of future joys
And plans and insecurities
The tensions, sulks, spontaneous lies,
Moments of ingenuity

Till all at once, a sudden shock
Sends waves of pain upto the shore
The walls of safety creak and crack
Come crashing down on every hope

Silence spreads like drops of white
Dissolving in the pools of noise
Suffusing every moment with
A stillness inevitable

Words shift round inside blank heads
Like newsprint on wet paper bags,
They stretch, they bend, they theorise
And struggle to encompass life

Time plods on its well marked path
And seconds flow in frozen hours
Till all that’s left are images
So hopelessly inadequate

The world spins quickly, madly on
We play our parts and then are gone
Our fleeting trivial foolish lives
With all our joys and all our woes

A sunburst through the clouds of life,
A rain-shower on the plains of love
Momentary joys and strifes
Perspectives of a universe


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