Aurelia Octopus


Aurelia Octopus

This is Aurelia Octopus. She is a 923 year old impressionistic inkjet artist.  This latest piece of Aurelia’s is a result of her reflections and ruminations on the transience of life, intricacies of relationships and fluidity of ink.
Her pieces are constantly in flux as they diffuse through the water (the medium in which they are suspended) influenced by its flow and changes in tide. Aurelia is proud and humbled that her work suffuses her environment and that parts of it may at some point touch the lives of creatures she has never met and will never meet.

My partner is doing Inktober this year. I woke up to find him having just finished a very intricate miniature piece on the male gaze. Since his lovely calligraphy pen had some ink left suspended in the nib, he suggested I doodle a bit. I did. And Aurelia was born. Since I had doodled on some smudgy paper, I cut and pasted Aurelia and her art work on a clean sheet. This also allowed me to re-position Aurelia vis-a-vis her piece. I’m toying with the idea of doing Inktober too. Let’s see how it goes.


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