Pramada Penguin

Pramada Penguin with her partner, Patang Penguin (left) and their daughter, Pratibha ‘Pingu’ Penguin (right)

Pramada Penguin was the founder of the maternity incubation movement among her Emperor Penguin colony. She was one of the first female penguins to challenge Emperor Penguin gender norms and demand her equal right to spend time incubating her egg. Patang was a supportive partner to her, and helped her face the stigma while they incubated Pratibha’s egg. Patang himself, was often shunned by members of their colony for insisting on travelling far and hunting with the female penguins on days when Pramada was taking her turn incubating their egg.
As a result of their revolutionary incubating practices, both Pramada and Patang were healthy and well-fed when Pratibha’s egg hatched.

Their lovely daughter, Pratibha alias Pingu plays the bass (a Giant Sea Bass from the North Pacific) and sometimes sings the lead in her four-penguin band Pingu and the Purple Icebergs.


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