Kali, Kala and Kasturi


Kali, Kala and Kasturi are a team of elite Black Cats, trained in several kitty combat styles which have been scrupulously hidden from humans and passed down the generations from kitty to kitty.
Kali, Kala and Kasturi also form a polyamorous triad. Together they guard their oblivious humans from a terrible fate.
Their simple-minded humans often shake their heads bemusedly when Kala dashes across the house, in pursuit of the tentacled demons only she can see in the seventh dimension. To the humans, Kala appears to be fighting the air. They laugh at her behaviour and sometimes try to stop her.
Kali is often met with irritation from their humans as she performs her sacred kitty chants at 3 am, to ward away powerful djinn who seek to eat their humans hearts.
Kasturi’s frantic clawing at the couch and ritual spraying of the furniture earns her disdain and loud noises from the humans. They do not know that Kasturi’s claws and her mystic urine are all that protects them from the dreaded sofa monster that will drain their souls out through their bottoms if they remain seated in it for too long without Kasturi’s watchful presence.
Together Kali, Kala and Kasturi keep the thankless humans safe from dreaded demons, monsters and djinn. They tolerate ear-scratches, undignified and inane baby-talk and belly rubs from the humans, as well.
All in return for the human’s services as can-openers. If only evolution had seen fit to bestow cats with opposable thumbs.

The neck-scratches are worth it though.


These three are to make up for three of the days I missed when my parents were visiting. I’ll make up for the other four by and by.


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