Smoke-lady. In color and black and white.

A messy attempt at something new.

Weariness with the same old issues that you’ve always had – the same boring flaws and anxieties you’ve been gnawing on for years, which leaves them soggy and tasteless and inert…”
– *The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows*

Smoke-lady in black and white and pencil.


Ode to a University that was.

This place is mine

Pink sunsets
Dark nights humming with insects
Mud squelching between clenched toes
The sheer inky vastness of the night sky
Seared into my mind’s eye
With post orgasmic clarity
The red earth
And the rocks
Hot against my thighs
Heavy with the night’s philosophy
Slick with the lubricants of thought
Pregnant with the potential of tomorrow
Words and thoughts drenched in passion

This is all mine

I left.
Bewildered by potential
Unable to hold in me
Your vastness
Your depth and breadth
I sold you in
For walls
And comfort
Pillows over rocks
Electricity over lightning
TV shows over genuine connection
I shrouded myself in fear
Gave it a name
And a kind of power
And retreated into the little hole of my head

Can I be part of you again?
Can I lose myself
In my own utter insignificance
Can I be playful
And learn again,
How to hold thoughts,
Ephemeral, as water slipping through fingers
And how to share thoughts
To fearlessly expose my ignorance
And through this begin to chip away at it?

Can I, again, claim this space?
This vastness
This wildness
This possibility.

May I?

Inktober 1: Ammonite fossil

Super late… But it’s here.

Inktober 1. I brought out the coloured inks and went to town. Inspired by photographs of ammonite fossils, some of which show beautiful subtle colours in the shells. (This is obviously pretty over-the-top in terms of colouring)

Ammonites were sea creatures which existed 240 to 65 million years ago. They belong to a group of predators known as Cephalopods, whose current living members include the octopus, squid, cuttlefish and the nautilus.
Ammonites survived three catastrophic events before becoming extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period.
They probably lived in shallow pools, and lived roughly two years. They presumably stalked and hunted their prey -molluscs, fish and other Cephalopods, then rapidly extended their tentacles to grab them and devoured them!

Pretty shelled, nightmare demon predators!

More about ammonites: