Salim Slow-Loris

Salim Slow-Loris is a quick thinker among his people. He thinks fast, but takes action very slowly. He claims this allows him to consider many outcomes of his actions and act according to the best possible outcome. His critics claim it merely saves him embarrassment by avoiding confrontation, and letting him gauge what other Slow-Lorises think on any issue.

As a clan-leader, Salim is slowly losing popularity as a result of his apparent ‘diplomacy’, but he doesn’t let it bother him to much. In this age of instant uploads and the immediacy of social-media-sharing, he is happy to take his time, ruminate and make decisions. Salim is much younger than most Lorises in his clan, and was initially criticized by older Lorises for his age and assumed hot-bloodedness. Now the older Lorises have joined with the younger ones in criticizing Salim stolid slow ways. 

He may not remain clan-leader much longer… elections are coming up soon. Salim is however quite stoic about it. He says remaining in power would have been proof of his being unfit for the job. Salim has a small group of friends who meet regularly to debate and discuss world issues. They don’t agree on much, but they try to respect each other’s opinions and listen to opposing views.

Belinda Bat and her Bittens


Bertie ‘Bruce’, Baswati, Badiha, Belinda and Bina ‘Bismark’ Bats (from top to bottom)

Belinda Bat, leads her Bittens through the night. Halloween is always a bad time to be a bat… humans mock bat-kind with likenesses of rubber, steel, paper and all sorts of mediums… and screech when they encounter a true bat.

Belinda’s Bittens are at that self-assertive stage where they are trying to claim their own identities. Bertie and Bina are claiming their own names – Bruce and Bismark respectively – and refusing to answer to the names Belinda gave them. It was hard at first, but Belinda is learning to respect their choice of names and not see it as a rejection of her but as an assertion of themselves and their right to create their own identities. Bruce Bitten and Bismark Bitten are slowly learning to take themselves less seriously, as well, as their mother learns to respect their choice of identities.
Badiha and Baswati have taken to sneaking off in the day-time with other young Bittens, challenging millenia-old Bat-norms. It is hard because of their hearing and sight, but they’ve found places which are dark even in the day-time, and are learning to negotiate these spaces. If questioned, the Bittens are hard pressed to answer why this change in habits is important to them… but they seem to be driven by something deep within them.

Seema and Salma

Seema Sloth, watches over her baby sister, Salma so her mother, Selina can have a session with her therapist, Salim.

Seema loves baby-sitting, and helps her mother out often. Selina needs to visit Salim very often, as she sometimes sees things which no one else can and they frighten her. With Salim and Seema’s help, Selina is able to look after her baby, Salma, despite these frightening things she sees.

Mal and Morena Mushroom

Mal and Morena Mushroom

Mal and Morena Mushroom have perfected the art of flirting. Morena is pansexual and Mal (Malini/Mallard) is gender-queer. They have been in a long-term relationship for several years and still continue to enjoy their emotionally and sexually charged flirting.

Together they hold workshops for young mushrooms seeking to flirt with finesse. Morena uses her frill and supple stalk to advantage and Mal offsets hir stolidity to Morena’s more flexible charms.

Mal and Morena are big fans of Firefly.

Delilah Dandelion and Salome Snail

Delilah Dandelion and Salome Snail, are discussing the weather. Delilah is extremely good at predicting wind direction. And Salome is exquisitely sensitive to temperature. She senses it through her slime.

Delilah and Salome have a plan to reclaim their part of the garden from the dead-wood structure the humans keep making the dog sleep in. The dog doesn’t like it there, and whines incessantly. And Salome and Delilah miss their comfy corner of the garden.

Delilah wafts dandelion seeds when the wind is right, towards the dog-house. Salome oozes her way there and makes sure the seeds don’t scatter too far. Through their efforts, the dead-wood dog-house has slowly become overgrown with dandelion plants, which make the dog sneeze… so he spends very little time there. Slowly, their corner of the garden is becoming more like the familiar corner they knew before the humans cleared it and built the dead-wood dog-house there.