Hamida Humming-bird


Hamida Humming-bird

Hamida Humming-bird is one of the best hummers in her clan. Unlike other female humming-birds, she was hatched small and she learnt to fly with quick and agile movements much like the male hummingbirds. When she was young, the other girl-hummingbirds in her class used to tease her for being small and fast like the boy-hummingbirds. Hamida had a hard time fitting in… until she stopped trying.
She entered a humming contest after school one day. None of the authorities thought to ask her her gender, as she looked small and flew quickly. She out-hummed Hazrat, three-time winner of the regional humming championship. Her wings beat far faster than his, her movements were quicker and more innovative. Her speed, agility and the new moves she tried made her hum fascinating and novel.
It was only at the prize giving ceremony that her uncle (who had been participating as well) recognized her and let the organizers know she was a girl-bird. She was disqualified, and had to leave in disgrace.
Hazrat who had been a good sport as long as he believed Hamida to be male, was angry and threatened her with all kinds of unspeakable harms… he felt that his male-ness had been challenged, now that he’d been out-hummed by a girl-bird. And indeed, after that day, Hazrat who had been popular with the largest and most ponderous of the female hummingbirds, began to be blown off on dates and had to seek nectar alone. Hamida had always been lonely, so she did not feel any different after the attention from her new humiliation dissipated.

It was only when Hamida met Hema, a large, shy hummingbird, who had never really been impressed by the male-birds’ hums, and they became close that Hamida began to feel better about herself. Hema loved Hamida’s hum, and the two of them set up a nest together, despite the clan being most unhappy about it. Sometimes they were jeered at, with other birds asking what kind of a nest it would be without eggs. But Hamida and Hema were happy together and did their best to ignore the jeers.

When Hanna Humming-bird was killed by a vicious cat, leaving no one to sit on her newly laid eggs, Hema volunteered to help. At first, Horace, Hanna’s partner, was reluctant to let Hema sit on them. But he soon realised that the eggs would never hatch without Hema… and Hanna would never have wanted that. So he let Hema sit on the eggs.
Hamida felt a little insecure about this, because she wondered if Hema resented that Hamida could not help her lay eggs herself. Hema was quite sensitive to this and reassured Hamida that she was quite happy to sit on Hanna’s eggs and would not exchange her nest with Hamida for anything in the world.
When the eggs hatched, Horace was happy to have Hamida and Hema take care of the hatchlings along with him. The clan slowly got used to Hamida, Hema, Horace and the hatchlings. Apart from a snide remark here and there, their beautiful family is slowly being accepted.



This is a small comic about my cat, Calvin. Though this behavior is probably true of many other scaredy-cats, I feel it’s particularly true of Calvin.

Also, I’m up-to-date with my inktobers now! (I’m counting this as two. Hey, it is two panels!)

Kabir and Kiruba


Kabir and Kiruba

Kabir and Kiruba are kittens from the same litter. Though their biological mother is Kala, they are lucky to be raised by the triad of Kala, Kali and Kasturi.
Kabir is a fastidious kitten, always ready to deploy his charm on unsuspecting bystanders. Kiruba is a playful kitten, unfettered by kitty conventions of poise, grace and sleekness. Both Kabir and Kiruba are training in a different combat style, according to their natural inclinations. They are being trained by their mothers, until they are old enough to be apprenticed to the masters in their combat styles.




These two are also in reparation for some of the days I missed when my family was visiting. Only two more backlogs to go, and I’ll be up-to-date with my inktobers. Yay!

Kali, Kala and Kasturi


Kali, Kala and Kasturi are a team of elite Black Cats, trained in several kitty combat styles which have been scrupulously hidden from humans and passed down the generations from kitty to kitty.
Kali, Kala and Kasturi also form a polyamorous triad. Together they guard their oblivious humans from a terrible fate.
Their simple-minded humans often shake their heads bemusedly when Kala dashes across the house, in pursuit of the tentacled demons only she can see in the seventh dimension. To the humans, Kala appears to be fighting the air. They laugh at her behaviour and sometimes try to stop her.
Kali is often met with irritation from their humans as she performs her sacred kitty chants at 3 am, to ward away powerful djinn who seek to eat their humans hearts.
Kasturi’s frantic clawing at the couch and ritual spraying of the furniture earns her disdain and loud noises from the humans. They do not know that Kasturi’s claws and her mystic urine are all that protects them from the dreaded sofa monster that will drain their souls out through their bottoms if they remain seated in it for too long without Kasturi’s watchful presence.
Together Kali, Kala and Kasturi keep the thankless humans safe from dreaded demons, monsters and djinn. They tolerate ear-scratches, undignified and inane baby-talk and belly rubs from the humans, as well.
All in return for the human’s services as can-openers. If only evolution had seen fit to bestow cats with opposable thumbs.

The neck-scratches are worth it though.


These three are to make up for three of the days I missed when my parents were visiting. I’ll make up for the other four by and by.

Nalini Naiad

Nalini Naiad

This is Nalini the Naiad. She is a water-spirit. Nalini has spent years absorbing the filth that humans have been spewing into the world’s water systems… despite her repeated attempts to explain to them how pollution affects not just her and all the water-creatures she protects, but eventually spells doom for the humans themselves.
She is tired now, but still keeps up the fight.
(Luckily Zeus has finally got the message and has left her alone for the last two centuries or so. It was soo tiring to have to fend him off as well as deal with human pollution.)



Damini the dragon-genie

This is Damini. She is a dragon-genie. This means she can both grant wishes and breathe fire.
Damini is 3867 years old. She has watched civilizations rise and fall… and sometimes assisted in both. She has spent most of her life watching the strange two-legged life forms that call themselves ‘humans’ as they changed the world she lived in. At times she has been bound to aid in their destructive tendencies, as a result of the curse of the genies. Damini has spent considerable time and effort trying to free genies from this curse of having to serve the human who finds their abode (traditionally a lamp). To her, finders-keepers (or in this case finder-wishers-whose-wishes-will-come-true) seems a ridiculous way to distribute power. Especially the power of controlling a genie. Unfortunately she is yet to find a way out of this curse.

Her observation of these ‘human’ creatures and their history and technology has made her what we would consider ‘learned’. This has made her a tad… pedantic.

Damini is captured in this image pointing out (in her typical pedantic way) a flaw in the plan her current megalomaniac master wants her to aid in. Unfortunately, he is rather arrogant and does not listen to her. As a result, he will be assassinated soon. Which on the whole is not bad for the country he currently rules.

Talal T-Rex


“What happens when a T Rex has a car crash?

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!”

This is Talal T Rex, practicing for his new stand-up comedy show. He initially tried practicing with a microphone, but they can be hard to hold with no opposable thumbs. He gave up after he dropped it for the 32nd time in 6 minutes. Talal feels microphones distract from the substance of the show, anyway.
His producer agrees with him. People often agree with Talal. That’s how he knows he’s a reasonable T Rex.

Talal has quite the sense of humour. He needed it, bringing up his daughter, Tara, alone after her mother was killed by a genetically engineered monster called the Indominus Rex.
Being a single dad is hard. Especially when you have tiny arms.

Today, Tara is all grown up and setting up her own family with her partner, Tasneem and their little son. Talal is now working on his own stand up comedy show for ComedyRex TV.

Pramada Penguin


Pramada Penguin with her partner, Patang Penguin (left) and their daughter, Pratibha ‘Pingu’ Penguin (right)

Pramada Penguin was the founder of the maternity incubation movement among her Emperor Penguin colony. She was one of the first female penguins to challenge Emperor Penguin gender norms and demand her equal right to spend time incubating her egg. Patang was a supportive partner to her, and helped her face the stigma while they incubated Pratibha’s egg. Patang himself, was often shunned by members of their colony for insisting on travelling far and hunting with the female penguins on days when Pramada was taking her turn incubating their egg.
As a result of their revolutionary incubating practices, both Pramada and Patang were healthy and well-fed when Pratibha’s egg hatched.

Their lovely daughter, Pratibha alias Pingu plays the bass (a Giant Sea Bass from the North Pacific) and sometimes sings the lead in her four-penguin band Pingu and the Purple Icebergs.