Belinda Bat and her Bittens


Bertie ‘Bruce’, Baswati, Badiha, Belinda and Bina ‘Bismark’ Bats (from top to bottom)

Belinda Bat, leads her Bittens¬†through the night. Halloween is always a bad time to be a bat… humans mock bat-kind with likenesses of rubber, steel, paper and all sorts of mediums… and screech when they encounter a true bat.

Belinda’s Bittens are at that self-assertive stage where they are trying to claim their own identities. Bertie and Bina are claiming their own names – Bruce and Bismark respectively – and refusing to answer to the names Belinda gave them. It was hard at first, but Belinda is learning to respect their choice of names and not see it as a rejection of her but as an assertion of themselves and their right to create¬†their own identities. Bruce Bitten and Bismark Bitten are slowly learning to take themselves less seriously, as well, as their mother learns to respect their choice of identities.
Badiha and Baswati have taken to sneaking off in the day-time with other young Bittens, challenging millenia-old Bat-norms. It is hard because of their hearing and sight, but they’ve found places which are dark even in the day-time, and are learning to negotiate these spaces. If questioned, the Bittens are hard pressed to answer why this change in habits is important to them… but they seem to be driven by something deep within them.