Delilah Dandelion and Salome Snail

Delilah Dandelion and Salome Snail, are discussing the weather. Delilah is extremely good at predicting wind direction. And Salome is exquisitely sensitive to temperature. She senses it through her slime.

Delilah and Salome have a plan to reclaim their part of the garden from the dead-wood structure the humans keep making the dog sleep in. The dog doesn’t like it there, and whines incessantly. And Salome and Delilah miss their comfy corner of the garden.

Delilah wafts dandelion seeds when the wind is right, towards the dog-house. Salome oozes her way there and makes sure the seeds don’t scatter too far. Through their efforts, the dead-wood dog-house has slowly become overgrown with dandelion plants, which make the dog sneeze… so he spends very little time there. Slowly, their corner of the garden is becoming more like the familiar corner they knew before the humans cleared it and built the dead-wood dog-house there.